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Delivers 3 models for different types of applications;

Up to 400 sessions processing performance;

Can handle up to 32,64,128,256,400 bi-directional Codec transformations, without additional licensing fees for transcoding.

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  • Specifications

    The OpenVox V100 new generation transcoding series delivers 3 models for different types of applications. Up to 400 sessions processing performance, both low to high density and superior voice quality are acquired for various IP-PBX systems.

    With low bandwidth requirements, the voice data compression codecs, such as G.729, G.726, AMR, G.722, iLBC, etc. are commonly used in VoIP applications. The G.711 Codec is commonly used in legacy telephone network. For bridging TDM to VoIP connectivity, it needs Codec transformation. Compared with transformation in software, the V100, based on Multicore-DSP, can convert more sessions of transcoding, reduce host CPU load.

    The V100, are rated to handle up to 32,64,128,256,400 bi-directional Codec transformations, without additional licensing fees* for transcoding.

    The V100-BOX is an integrated box designed to streamline installation,With an extern Power Supply, it can work alone by using Ethernet port and also being stacked up to 5 instances on a 19 inch rack mount.The V100-BOX can be worked with Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH®.

    Target Applications

    • Hosted VoIP GateWay
    • Conferencing Server
    • IVR Server
    • Distributed Office PBX
    • Call Centers


    • 131x67.5x31mm


    • RoHS Complaint
    • Certificates: FCC, CE and LVD

    Operating Temperature Range

    • 0 – 50 °C


    • 10 TO 90% NON-CONDENSING

    Hardware and Software Requirement

    • Windows/Linux in Host


    • 10/100/1000 BASE-T RJ45

    Power Requirments

    • 0.6A @12V


    Codec Support
    G.711 GSM-FR
    G.722 GSM-EFR
    G.722.1 AMR
    V100-256 AMR-WB (G.722.2)
    V100-400 iLBC

    * Except for AMR and AMR-WB

  • Features

    • High density up to 30 to 400 Transcoding
    • No addionnal License Fee
    • Relieve Host CPU Load
    • Release API for Integration
    • OS : Linux and Windows
    • Integrates in Asterisk® and FreeSWITCH®
    • Support distributed or intergrated Application
    • 30 to 400 transcoding sessions
    • No Licensing Fees*
    • PMC / Enclosure / Extending Evaluation Board / Ethernet card
    • Flexible Adaptability
    • Provides RJ45 media/control flow paths
    • 30-day “no questions asked” return policy
    • 5-year warranty
  • Accessories


    V100 Bracket A 1U & 19" bracket, designed for rackmounting installation of up to 5 instances of V100-BOX.