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Shenzhen, China-August 26, 2011--OpenVox Communication Co. Ltd, a global provider of open source asterisk® telephony hardware and software solutions, has announced to release a new version embedded asterisk® motherboard IPC110 and it works with OpenVox PCIe cards to provide FXO/FXS, BRI and/or PRI interfaces with the connection of Mini PCIe to PCIe raiser cards.

 OpenVox IPC110 motherboards are small form (15cm*15cm) factor system boards optimized for IPPBX and network security applications. The fanless design, as low as 6W normal power, enables more reliability to the system and ability to operate in harsh industrial environments. Integrated up to 3 Ethernet ports, the IPC110 motherboards provide a flexible choice for different applications to the users. With OpenVox PCIe cards, SMB can easily have their phone systems built with IPC110. Installed one OpenVox DE230E card with IPC110, users can have up to 60 simultaneous voice calls through two E1 ports or 100 concurrent calls in one single system.

“The release of OpenVox new motherboard IPC110 has now enabled E1/T1 connection through PCIe connection for the embedded PBX system” said Lin Miao, the president of OpenVox, “It’s been an important upgrade for embedded system to provide E1/T1 interface and we have now just made it happened.”

OpenVox IPC110 motherboards come with Intel® powerful Atom Z5XXP series processors up to 1.6 GHz. The system memory can be equipped with 200-pin DDR2 400/533 SDRAM socket (up to 2 GB). There are flexible combinations of data storage for IPC110 such as Compact Flash, 44 pin IDE header and SATA connector that can meet the demands of any operating systems and applications. In addition, it consists of 2 Mini PCIe sockets that allow users to combine any OpenVox PCIe cards with the connection of Mini PCIe to PCIe raiser, Mini PCIe wireless LAN card/3G module and other expansions at ease.

The IPC110 supports the most popular PBX software such as Asterisk®, Askozia®, Elastix®, FreePBX, FreeSWITCHTM, ISDN4BSD, PBX in a Flash, trixbox®, pfSense and so on. For more detailed product information, please visit or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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