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Shenzhen, China--(Sep. 22nd, 2011)--OpenVox, a leading global provider of unified communications equipment and open source Asterisk® telephony hardware and software products and, the 3-Star sponsor of ElastixWorld 2011, has announced today to give away FREE telephony cards to the first 150 registered attendants of ElastixWorld 2011. Register HERE today and pick up the gift from the registration counter of ElastixWorld in this November.

ElastixWorld is one of the most important events in IP telephony destined to gather the Elastix worldwide community, which is the ideal place where end users, partners, resellers, integrators and developers will have the opportunity to share experiences, show new products and develop business opportunities between Mexico´s Elastix community and the rest of the world.

OpenVox will feature the new transcoding products and advanced Asterisk® cards with the integration of Elastix and other open source telephony projects in the booth exhibits of ElastixWorld 2011 in Mexico.

“OpenVox is a strategy partner of Elastix and has always been an active sponsor of the Elastix community for years,” said Mr. Miao Lin, the CEO of OpenVox, “Elastix is an outstanding and one of the most popular PBX software in the open source community and we want to ensure that our community members can take full advantages of the integration of Elastix and OpenVox and thus we decide to give out such free offer.”

“As a strategy and technology partner, OpenVox has always worked to assure fully integration with our platform,” said Mr. Edgar Landivar, CEO of PaloSanto Solutions, “OpenVox support was present at our first edition of ElastixWorld and repeats the sponsor this year which make us think the event will be a big success.”

Visit OpenVox at ElastixWorld 2011 Mexico

WHEN: November 3-4, 2011

Melia Mexico Reforma
Booth #17
Mexico City


About OpenVox
Founded in 2002, OpenVox has now evolved to become a global leading provider of open source telephony hardware and software products. OpenVox serves the Small and Medium Business and open source market with superior quality products that lower communication costs, increase system flexibility and enhance productivity in building PBX, Call Center, IVR and firewall applications. OpenVox continues to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions to the open source community and will always do.

About Elastix
Elastix® is a Unified Communications and VoIP Telephony solution. It integrates the best tools available for Asterisk-based PBXs into a single, easy-to-use interface. It also adds its own set of utilities and allows for the creation of third party modules to make it the best software package available for open source telephony.

The goals of Elastix® are reliability, modularity and ease-of-use. These characteristics added to the strong reporting capabilities make it the best choice for implementing an Asterisk-based PBX.

About PaloSanto Solutions
PaloSanto Solutions is an Ecuadorian company dedicated to development and support of open source solutions. Since 2006 is the company behind the Elastix Project, an IP-PBX Distribution for Unified Communication Server Solutions. PaloSanto began its operations in 1999 and now distributes its services through Ecuador and an extensive reseller network in America and other countries around the world.

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