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Shenzhen, China–May 19, 2016 OpenVox Communication Co.,Ltd, a global leading provider of the best cost effective VoIP gateways and Asterisk® solutions, announced today the launch of X204 Series Hybrid Card, one of the most advanced Asterisk-based and easiest-to-use hybrid solution available.

The X204 Hybrid Card supports all three types of telephony interfaces, integrates Analog, BRI and E1 on one single card, offers a highly flexible choice for different users. More specifically, it accesses Voice over IP world without interfaces restrictions. For example, the FXO or FXS module accesses 2 analog line via juntion box, the BRI module provides 4 simultaneous voice calls over 2 ISDN BRI line, and the E1/T1/J1 module supports standard telephony and data protocols, including Primary Rate ISDN protocol families for voice, PPP, Cisco, HDLC and Frame Relay data modes. Both line-side and trunk-side interfaces are supported.

                       X204P(PCI Card)                       X204E(PCI-E Card)

X204 Series Card works perfectly with open source Asterisk® and enables users to take full advantages of the high performance and rich features of Asterisk®. It will be ready for worldwide shipping today. For more product details, please visit, or you can simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any enquiries.

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