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OSLEC with A400P

14 years 1 month ago #917 by kasajiang
I use trixbox 2.6.0 and i hve echo problem´. In the new version 2.6.0 they use OSLEC echo canceller.
In my other systems they use echo canceller KB1 and they work perfect with your A400P.Is there any
problem using OSLEC with A400P.I would like to revert to KB1.I get error message
"zaptel: no version for "oslec_echo_can_traintap" found: kernel tainted" so I guess the OSLEC does
not work properly.
Any ideas ?
14 years 1 month ago #920 by miaolin
The Echo problem is depends on telephone line. so you should try different ec algorithm to suit your enveronment. you can also try fxotune.

The message seems your system are using different kernel driver together, please clean all out of date device driver binary files before make install new zaptel package.

those .ko should be in /lib/modules/<your linux kernel>/misc
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