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× Questions about B100/200/400/800 ISDN BRI Cards

Install Ubuntu Server 9.04 (Jaunty ) with OpenVox B800P/B400P/B200P/B100P

13 years 9 months ago #4386 by Joe.Yung
Hello Patrick,
Please read this link for reference:

Best Regards!

13 years 9 months ago #4389 by debianuser
Hello !

i have make this Step-by-Step installation from Joe.Yung, but in STEP 11 Loading modules for mISDN i get the following:

# mISDN scan
[!!] xsltproc not in path, please install.

some help???

thanx in advance!
13 years 9 months ago #4391 by pemer
Hi debianuser,

what bri card have you got?


13 years 9 months ago #4393 by debianuser
Hello !

i solve my problem by using:
#misdn-init scan
#misdn-init config
#misdn-init start

instead of :
#mISDN scan etc.

but now i have the following:
after a reboot the command "misdn show stacks" in the asterisk cli gives out:
"No such command 'misdn show stacks' (type 'help misdn show' for other possible commands)"
but with the command (out of the cli)
# misdn-init start
and making in the cli a "core restart when convenient"
then i get the lustful:
CLI> misdn show stacks
* Port 1 Type TE Prot. PMP L2Link DOWN L1Link:DOWN Blocked:0 Debug:0

How can i put the "misdn-init start" before starting (after a reboot) asterisk ???

by the way my card is the openVOX B100P.

apologize for my really bad terrible english but still waiting for help :)

13 years 9 months ago #4394 by Joe.Yung
Hello debianuser,
Please install the package name xsltproc first. Read this link for reference:
Moreover, please read this link:
it's B800P sample TE/NT mode settings. It's the same as the B100P.
Make sure the TE mode jumper settings are right and your ISDN line plugs correctly.

Best Regards!

13 years 9 months ago #4397 by debianuser
Eureka Eureka Eureka!

i can't believe it... It works :D

i havent install the xsltproc package. It is working ...houuh i spent a lot in time on it! meaning the installation and to make it working with the ISDN-BOX.
Because at the beginning i was trying with asteriskNOW!

Joe, your "how to" helps me a lot!!! thank you!!!

But the only i want now is to automatically start asterisk with isdn support... because until now i have (after i reboot) to write #misdn-init start and then in asterisk cli "core restart when ..." only after that i have isdn support.

If someone can say to me wich file starts asterisk maybe i can add before the start command.

thnx in advance!
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