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B100P/B200P/B400P/B800P with mISDN-1_1_7 with trixbox-2.2

11 years 6 months ago #540 by james.zhu
hello, all of users:
currently mISDN can support Openvox B100P B200P and B400P without patch, but can not support B800P yet. you need to patch that. here are few steps to install 800P for mISDN-1_1_7:
1) download trixbox-update.sh and run: trixbox-update.sh
2) yum -y update
3) yum -y install kernel-devel
4) cd /usr/src
5) wget beronet.com/download/install-misdn-mqueue.tar.gz
6) tar xzfv install-misdn-mqueue.tar.gz
7) cd install-misdn-mqueue
delete this part from Makefile: mISDN-$(MISDN_VERSION).tar.gz:
wget www.misdn.org/downloads/releases/mISDN-$(MISDN_VERSION).tar.gz
tar xzf mISDN-$(MISDN_VERSION).tar.gz
wget www.misdn.org/downloads/releases/mISDN-1_1_7.tar.gz
tar xzf mISDN-$(MISDN_VERSION).tar.gz
8) Downlaod the patch from Openvox and patch hfc_multi.c under mISDN-1_1_7\drivers\isdn\hardware\mISDN
9) cd /usr/src/install-misdn-mqueue
10) make and make install
11) reboot
/etc/init.d/misdn-init scan
/etc/init.d/misdn-init config
/etc/init.d/misdn-init start
12) dmesg command shows Openvox B800P info
13) check the chan_misdn.so loading by show modules like chan_misdn.so in asterisk console

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