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Use PCM connection with OpenVox BRI cards.

15 years 2 months ago #1461 by james.zhu
hello, all of users:
this is a sample instruction for customers who want to try PCM connection. please follow the setting for the environment. if having any problem, please report to us.

15 years 2 months ago #1467 by DarknessBBB
Thank you very much for posting this. It will be very useful for me and my two B800P =)
13 years 3 months ago #5807 by pemer
Hi James,

well the mISDN script is buggy.
modprobe --ignore-install hfcmulti type=0x4,0x4 protocol=0x10022,0x22,0x12,0x12,0x22,0x12 layermask=0xf,0xf,0x3,0x3,0xf,0x3 poll=128 debug=0 timer=0
What wrong:
type=0x4,0x4 = 2 x 4 channel without pcm_slave

the misdn-init skript is also buggy:
modprobe --ignore-install hfcmulti type=0x4,0x804 protocol=0x10022,0x22,0x12,0x12,0x22,0x12,0x2,0x2 layermask=0xf,0xf,0x3,0x3,0xf,0x3,0xf,0xf poll=128 debug=0
whats wrong:
see protocol and layermask, only 6 BRI lines present. But it doesn't matter.

Its only one B400P and one B200P connected:
the right way:
modprobe --ignore-install hfcmulti type=0x4,0x804 protocol=0x10022,0x22,0x12,0x12,0x22,0x12 layermask=0xf,0xf,0x3,0x3,0xf,0x3 poll=128 debug=0
modprobe mISDN_dsp debug=0x0 options=0 dtmfthreshold=100

Could you verify?


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