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Audio problems with D115E and B400E

10 years 11 months ago #7725 by alfil2k
Hi guys,We are experimented problems with cards D115E and B400E installed on a asus P8H61MLE (H61 rev b3). When the people makes calls, they have cracking noise, low and up volume, robot voice and more diferent problems with the audio. When we remove the B400E card, the calls go OK.Elastix 2.2 have asterisk-, dahdi-, libpri-1.4.12-0.Without the card this is the interrupts:
          CPU0       CPU1       CPU2       CPU3
  0:    2288396          0          0          0    IO-APIC-edge  timer
  1:          3          0          0          0    IO-APIC-edge  i8042
  8:          1          0          0          0    IO-APIC-edge  rtc
  9:          0          0          0          0   IO-APIC-level  acpi
 12:          4          0          0          0    IO-APIC-edge  i8042
 66:         48          0          0          0   IO-APIC-level  ehci_hcd:usb1, ehci_hcd:usb2
 74:      31032          0          0          0   IO-APIC-level  ata_piix, ata_piix
 82:    1375009          0          0          0         PCI-MSI  eth0
169:    2242397          0          0          0   IO-APIC-level  opvxd115
NMI:        582        162        162        156
LOC:    2288423    2288381    2288308    2288235
ERR:          0
MIS:          0
If I don't remenber wrong the driver wcb4xxp was in IRQ 180, the cards was plugged on the pciex1_1 and pciex1_2, this are the only two pcie 1x that this motherboard have.Any suggestion?Pablo
10 years 11 months ago #7729 by alfil2k
Hi guys,

When we remove the card B400E we don't have more noise, but we are experimented echo on the channels over E1 line. We are setting the oslec echo soft.

Span 1: D115/D130/0/1 "D115/D130 (E1|T1) Card 0 Span 1" (MASTER) HDB3/CCS/CRC4
        E-bit error count: 1

           1 D115/D130/0/1/1 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC) (EC: OSLEC)
           2 D115/D130/0/1/2 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC) (EC: OSLEC)
           3 D115/D130/0/1/3 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC) (EC: OSLEC)
           4 D115/D130/0/1/4 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC) (EC: OSLEC)
           5 D115/D130/0/1/5 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
           6 D115/D130/0/1/6 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC) (EC: OSLEC)
           7 D115/D130/0/1/7 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
           8 D115/D130/0/1/8 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
           9 D115/D130/0/1/9 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          10 D115/D130/0/1/10 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          11 D115/D130/0/1/11 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          12 D115/D130/0/1/12 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          13 D115/D130/0/1/13 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          14 D115/D130/0/1/14 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          15 D115/D130/0/1/15 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          16 D115/D130/0/1/16 HDLCFCS (In use)
          17 D115/D130/0/1/17 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          18 D115/D130/0/1/18 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          19 D115/D130/0/1/19 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          20 D115/D130/0/1/20 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          21 D115/D130/0/1/21 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          22 D115/D130/0/1/22 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          23 D115/D130/0/1/23 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          24 D115/D130/0/1/24 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          25 D115/D130/0/1/25 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          26 D115/D130/0/1/26 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          27 D115/D130/0/1/27 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          28 D115/D130/0/1/28 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          29 D115/D130/0/1/29 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          30 D115/D130/0/1/30 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)
          31 D115/D130/0/1/31 Clear (In use) (SWEC: OSLEC)

10 years 11 months ago #7730 by hua

Please add me MSN This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,I will check it.

Best regards

10 years 11 months ago #7734 by alfil2k

I don't use msn.

10 years 11 months ago #7736 by hua

you can add me Skype upper.hua or Gtalk upper.hua.

Best regards
10 years 11 months ago #7741 by alfil2k

I added to my Skype but I can't see you.

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