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Asterisk segfaults with DE230E/DE430E on Elastix

8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #10779 by drubel
We installed 2 E1 cards on a same server (1 OpenVox DE230E 2 Port T1/E1/J1 PRI PCI-E Card with EC2064 Module and 1 OpenVox DE430E 4 Port T1/E1/J1 PRI PCI-E Card with EC2128 Module) with 4 E1 connected, 2 on the 2-port card and 2 on the 4-port card (3 incoming and 1 outgoing). The server was apparently running without issues but a month later the system started to fail often and randomly: calls hanging up unexpectedly, callcenter agents being logged off automatically, and so on. We were getting repeatedly "segmentation fault" from Asterisk. Troubleshooting the issue we discovered that the cards and/or E1 configuration were involved: when we disabled the 2nd incoming E1 port (on the 2-port card) Asterisk would stop crashing. The ID selector on both cards are setted to different values (0 and 1).

The system specifications are:
OS: Elastix 2.5 64-bit
Asterisk version: 11.17.1
dahdi version:
RAM: 36 GB
Server: Lenovo ThinkServer RD330

The attachment includes:
- output of "lspci" command.
- Segmentation fault messages that appeared on screen live during SSH session.
- /etc/dahdi/system.conf file.
- /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf file.
- /var/log/messages file. (many "Segmentation fault", example at the end of file)
8 years 1 month ago #10780 by crystal.han
Please add my skype ID:crystalhan6,i will help you to check it.
8 years 1 month ago #10781 by drubel
Thank you for your fast reply.

Unfortunately I can't right now, it's around 11 PM here in Venezuela. I was originally thinking in leaving my post here and seeying the replies tomorrow. Is there a chance that you or someone else could assist us in about 10-12 hours?. I mean, if that's ok with Openvox's bussiness hours.

Also, it seems I still haven't been able to attach the file (a 27 KB .rar), I click "add file", select the file and click the "insert" button. Am I doing something wrong?
8 years 1 month ago #10782 by crystal.han
For more convient contact,pls add me.My time zone is GMT +8, 09:00----18:00 is working time,but i can wait you,when you are online,you can also send more log information and configuration files to my mailbox,email address,:[email protected] will check it.
8 years 1 month ago #10783 by drubel
I'll add you to Skype right now but will be unable to chat until tomorrow. I'll be checking tomorrow to see if we can arrange a day and/or time that works for both of us. In the meantime I'll send you via email the configuration files / info. Also I've got to check previously that we have full access to the PBX as it is administered remotely. As soon as I receive the permission I'll contact you again so we can proceed with the troubleshoot.

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