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WGW1002G blank page

10 months 2 weeks ago #12275 by scoste
Hello OpenVox,

we are having issues with our WGW1002G: we can't access to it in any way that is documented.
specifically, the web configuration page returns a blank page, and SSH return an access denied with default credentials.

Info :
- The device has already been resetted different times.
- It is pingable from its default address (
- Web page HTTP Auth works: wrong credentials don't work while default ones do ("admin"-"admin").
- Web server seems to work: 404 errors are correctly displayed, but the correct one (/cgi-bin/php/system-status.php) returns a blank page.
- SSH is reachable on default port (12345), but default credentials don't work.
- SIM cards are not inserted

Questions :
1. ... Why ?
2. How can i reset the firmware without neither HTTP nor SSH?
3. Is there any special access that is not "admin"-"admin" for SSH?
4. Tips and suggestions?

thank you in advance.
10 months 2 weeks ago #12277 by hua

Thanks for your suggestions.but it is hard to reach because there are several situations about the can not access via web.So we need to confirm first if the ip address reachable or not .So the best way to solve this issue more faster is give us remote access to have a look
Thanks for your understanding in advance.
10 months 2 weeks ago #12278 by hua

Can not access via web maybe caused the system issue.We can not use reset way to solve it .As you said we have other way to access the device if ssh is enable.But the username if for develop so i can not put it public for security.You can give us access to solve it
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