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Failure to send DTMF tones over IVR Gateway GSM4G reference GWM401

1 year 11 months ago #15117 by jarango
Dear Team,

The Gateway is registered with a 3CX PBX, and all the incoming calls from the Sim Cards are directed to the company's IVR, the failure occurs when the welcome message is played and the DTMF tone does not pass over said IVR.

The OpenVox firmware was reviewed and it is in WG401_10.14 an attempt was made to update and in the OpenVox Downlods platform there is only WG400.img Firmware and these when trying to upload to OpenVox the update fails, for this reason the attempt to update failed the fimware.

What other solution to this flaw could we have or from where could we download firmware updates for this OpenVox Wg401.?
1 year 11 months ago #15118 by

1. you can download the gwm401 firmware from below link:
2. about the dtmf detect problem, please contact my skype:dario.hu2 for a convenient contact.
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