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VS-GWM400, SIM READY REQ. Sim is not defined on one of the modules.

1 month 4 weeks ago #15206 by Mitle
Hello. We purchased the GATEWAY and 4 VS-GWM400 modules.
Sim is not defined on one of the modules. There is such an error in the Registration Status field: Undetected SIM Card.

When the module is restarted, the status in the "Module Status" field changes from UP, then SIM READY REQ hangs. Indication: The green light is constantly flashing.

What I have tried:
1. Inserted a known working sim card. Did not help.
2. Replaced the antenna with a known working one. Did not help.
3. Reconnected the cable from the antenna to the neighboring module (4<-->3). Did not help.

What else can you see and check? Or is it a technical defect?
1 month 4 weeks ago #15207 by hua

When did you bought this device ? Is it working before ? As i see your device only support GSM network (2G frequency) . You can confirm if your location still support 2G or not ? You can contact via skype ,my ID is upper.hua .
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