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How setup a remote trunk with a remote ATA?

9 years 4 months ago #8501 by lolynusa
Hello everyone. I am trying to setup a remote trunk using a Grandstream ht503, it is working, I mean I can make and receive phone calls but with some problems.

1. At the system status the system show "Request" on red color.
2. Sometimes after a phone call the system ATA does not hungup, so I need to reboot the ATA.

I think I have something wrong.....?
Please see pictures for better explanation.

Thank for any help.
9 years 4 months ago #8505 by hua

Maybe the status should be registered,Please check the setup of the trunk.Give me more info about the hangup problem.Please contact me by the following ways.

MSN:[email protected]

Best regards
9 years 4 months ago #8508 by scex
For the first problem I do not have ht503 but i make extension on my elastix pbx and setup icalldroid like trunk to use this extension. Its written REGISTERED with green letters. The difference is that i didn't write nothing in from-domain field. The second problem is little bit difficult to fix because like you say it not chronic. Some times hang-up some times not. I think that you need to find dial tone settings from your PSTN and setup fxo port on ht503.
This maybe can help:
And in your pictures i could not see codec priority on ht503 but if it working than its ok. Any way can be possible that ht503 have some bug and need firmware update?
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